Welcome to the official website of The Fraternity of Saint Cecilia. The Fraternity is a social and learned society for musicians, founded in 2019. It is not an examining body. Its members are found across the globe and come from many walks of life with a shared interest in music. 

The former website and Facebook presence of the Fraternity is no longer controlled by the Chapter. All official online presence can be distinguished by the style of the Fraternity’s name, and the presence of the official seal.

Membership is conferred by the Fraternity’s governing Chapter in two categories: Fellow and Associate. Learn more…

View the Constitution of the Fraternity here.

Chapter Members:

Christopher Maynard, Master
Richard Jobe, Secretary-General
The Rev’d Canon Dr. Peter Thompson, Chaplain
Dr. Ian Higginson, General Member
Dr. Craig Paterson, General Member

Learn more about our Chapter here.

Officers of the Fraternity:

Gibson J. MacMillan, Webmaster
Christian Leaños, Social Media Specialist

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